Kultur & Freizeit

Commercial areas

Around 142 ha of the area in the land utilisation plan is designated as industrial estates, which are spread out over five commercial areas.

  • Southern commercial area with around 73 ha
  • Eastern commercial area with around 18 ha
  • Western commercial area (Gehespitz) with around 46 ha
  • Two commercial areas in Zeppelinheim with a total of around 7.5 ha.

 The southern commercial area is the oldest and largest commercial area of Neu-Isenburg. Originally, most of the firms located there belonged to the manufacturing industry. Mainly, they were owner-managed SMEs. Although still existing, the number of such companies, as in other regions, has decreased. Today, almost 80% of the employees are working in the service sector. Taking into account the economic restructuring from production to service, the southern commercial area is currently being reorganised.

In the eastern commercial area the service orientated companies were dominating from the beginning. Office buildings used as locations for service providers, high-tech and IT companies impress with their modern and appealing architecture.

The "land utilisation plan" (Landesentwicklungsplan) does not allow any option for new industrial real estates within the Neu-Isenburg's urban area. New settlement is therefore only possible by reusing land. Some high-quality developments have been recently completed by project developers on such sites.

Currently, the western commercial area (Gehespitz) is being transformed into a logistics centre. Land is available now on this area.