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Economic development

A strong record of economic development has always been a key factor for locating in Neu-Isenburg. The extraordinary growth of the economy during the last years is proof of the success of local businesses. By providing information, answering queries and offering advice, the municipal economic development office willingly provides its services to all local firms, as well as to companies interested in setting up in the area, industrial investors and founders of new businesses. We can help you with all necessary paperwork, cut through red tape and offer a cross-department investor service that deals with specific industrial construction projects. This customer-focused portfolio offered by the town’s administrative services is highly appreciated by local businesses.

Use our services and take advantage of it!

Contacts for all questions and issues

Andrea Quilling
Hugenottenallee 53
63263 Neu-Isenburg
Telefon: 06102 - 241-208
E-Mail: andrea.quilling@stadt-neu-isenburg.de